How to Stay Calm: Coping with Stress and its Symptoms

How to Stay Calm: Coping with Stress and its Symptoms

How to Stay Calm: Coping with Stress and its Symptoms

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how stress can be a positive influence on our lives when it affects it in moderation. Stress can improve productivity, our immune system and our relationships. When it’s too much, however, it can be detrimental and the effects can change from positive, to negative.

Almost 50% of Americans says stress has a negative effect on their professional and personal lives. Symptoms of stress include a high blood pressure and an increased heart rate that arises when you start feeling in danger due to the production of adrenaline and cortisol. You might have experienced these feelings before: a heavy weight on your chest that just won’t lift, and a sense of constant oppression that lingers for days.

Coping with stress and with symptoms of stress can be tolling on our body and mind. There are, however, some simple but effective things you can do in order to reduce them. Here they are:

Focus on Breathing

Practice slow, controlled breathing. Take a deep breath in. Hold it for seven seconds. Release.

Repeat this every time you feel you need to fight stress and your heart rate increases.


Avoid Questions

Avoid the “what ifs”. The more you continue wondering about what would have happened if you acted a different way, the longer you will feel inadequate and uncomfortable. Try to accept that some questions have no answers, and that it’s better to move ahead rather than wondering about what lies behind.


Focus on the Positive

Learn to stop negative thoughts when they arise in your mind. To do so, keep a handy go-to list of positive thoughts in mind you can shift you attention to when your mood starts to get black. This post might be helpful: 4 Daily Mantras To Avoid Negativity & Keep Positive


Nobody’s perfect. Don’t hold resentments, but try and amend your mistakes, and give other people the opportunity to amend theirs. Acknowledge negativity, and learn how to set yourself free from it.

Plan Ahead

Get ready for challenges before they arise. Plan your days ahead, and be ready for the unexpected! Don’t let a couple of hiccups slow you down. Be ready to fight stress!


I hope you will find this article and tips about coping with stress useful. For more info on a healthy, positive lifestyle, just check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club Blog!