Improve Your Body Image in Just 7 Easy Steps

Improve Your Body Image in Just 7 Easy Steps

What do you feel like when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you feel acceptance? Or do you feel disappointment?

A poor and negative body image is a problem that a lot of women and men have to deal with. Taking a bath, and staring at a body that you do not love is an everyday experience that can make us feel defeated and worthless. Because every day we are surrounded by images of people with unreachable standards, and by trying to get closer to that unattainable body image we are only distancing ourselves from who we really are.

Because body image is not who we are physically, but a perception we generate from the inside. And it envelops us, and effects us in many more ways than we would believe it can. We can be so cruel towards ourselves, as we constantly shame that which we do not perceive as perfect. Skin tone, amount of fat, of muscles, type of hair… There are so many things that we hate in others, but especially in us.

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And why is that? The root of the problem lies in the cultural belief that negative body image is a sign of modesty. People who appreciate and like how they look are seen as self centered and narcissistic. They are not; they have just learned to appreciate who they are, careless of the opinion of others. So here are 7 east steps to improve body image and learn how to love your flaws.

1. Cut off the media – or avoid offending them. Fashion and media outlets are focused on body image, and provide a very distorted version of reality. Try avoiding ads, and any tv program that present you with unreachable canons of beauty. And most of all, do not comment negatively on the body of celebrities. They are as human as everyone else, and by offending them you are projection your insecurities on others.

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2. Stay away from malls. Department stores and malls are a den of insecurity; the mannequins have unreachable ratios, and everything seems to fit them perfectly when they are posed. Once we try wearing the clothes in front of a mirror, however, our confidence drops, as we are unable to achieve those proportions. Avoid malls, by most important of all, avoid comparing yourself to a piece of plastic.

3. Focus on what you can accomplish as a person. Not on what you look like. Never forget that you are so much more than just your body. You are a human being with a beautiful soul.


4. List the things you like about yourself. Take a piece of paper, and every time you think about something you like about yourself, jot it down. Embrace the small things that make you unique. Your dimples, your nose, your imperfect hair that somehow looks great in the morning.

5. Surround yourself with positive people who can accept you. And that can accept others, and that talk about how other people do great things. Be body (and person) positive, not negative!

6. Meditate. Even just five or ten minutes a day can be enough. Take that time and make it yours. Empty your mind of worries, and start anew again day after day. Use this video of relaxing music from our channel to help you in this achievement:

7. Love yourself the way you are. Love your flaws, your imperfections, your everything. You are you, and nobody take your place in this world.

I hope these tips on how to improve body image can be of use to you. May they improve positively your self image, and make your days a little bit lighter without the worry of being someone who you are not, and that does not exist.