Lets Discover: Anahata, The Fourth Chakra

Lets Discover: Anahata, The Fourth Chakra

Our journey through the mysterious world of chakras continues. This week, we will explore Anahata, the green chakra.

Last week we explored Manipura, the chakra of purpose and inner strength. Today we will look at a chakra closely related to the latter: Anahata is the energy center of love for self, for others, and for emotional balance. However, whilst Manipura was about efficiency and finding a purpose, the fourth chakra is about growth and having new ideas.

fourth chakra

Follow your heart, they say. And Anahata is, in fact, the heart chakra. It can be translated from Sanskrit as unstruck: unbeaten and unhurt. Anahata is also associated with balance, calm and serenity.

The green chakra is also linked with your heart, circulation, blood pressure and your immune system. It has been described as a tiny flame inside your heart, and it is said that those who meditate on Anahata will become lords of speech, dear to women and will be able to leave and enter their physical bodies at will.

Chakra Balancing Music

This week’s music is completely dedicated to healing the green chakra. While listening to these peaceful sounds, remember to chant the mantra “yam”.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Anahata, this week’s chakra. Join us again in seven days, when we will explore the fifth chakra, Vishuddha, the energy center of feeling and openness.

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