Lets Discover: Ajna, The Sixth Chakra

Lets Discover: Ajna, The Sixth Chakra

This is the second to last week we will spend traveling through the mystic world of chakras. This voyage has brought us to Ajna, the chakra of awareness and intuition. Find about it by reading this article.

We left off last week by analyzing Vishuddha, the blue energy center where feelings lie. Today, as you probably understood by reading our title, we will talk about Ajna, the Third Eye. Ajna is located in a sacred spot: Hindus usually paint it with red to show respect. Its activation site, in fact, is right between the eyebrows in a position known as the third eye. Even if you do not have a lot of familiarity with chakras, you may have heard of this term already.

6th chakra, ajna

The third chakra’s name can be translated as command, and is considered the center of intellect and intuition. When something is seen in a dream, it is seen by Ajna. When you understand something or you have an epiphany, it is thanks to Ajna. The sixth chakra is a bridge that connects minds, allowing communication to take place between us not only on a physical level but on a transcendental one as well.

The ones who meditate on the indigo chakra are said to be granted occult powers; they will be able to enter another body at will and to become omniscient.

Chakra Balancing Music

In order to balance this chakra, we created this music you can listen to. Remember to chant the seed syllable Om, or the mantra Pranava Om while doing so! Let this healing meditative music soothe your soul, and help you enter a higher state of consciousness and awareness.

I hope you enjoyed reading this information on Ajna, the third eye. Next week will be the last we will spend together on this magical exploration. Be sure not to miss it!

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