Me, My Brain and My Delta Waves

Me, My Brain and My Delta Waves

Listen to this music…

Well, if you didn’t fall asleep, you can keep going on reading this article… What you listened is a binaural session that tries to reproduce delta waves… yeeees of course Delta waves!


I’m talking about the slowest and highest Brain waves that our brain produces, with a frequency of oscillation between 0 and 4 Hz.


We experience Delta Waves during our sleep, or better, in the deepest stages of sleep, the slow-wave sleep, when we don’t dream, beginning from stage 3 sleep to stage 4.


Delta Waves can arise in the thalamus or in the cortex of the brain and are recorded with an electroencephalogram.

But here’s a few interesting things that you need to know about Delta Waves:

1: During infancy, from around 3 months to 1 year, delta brain waves are the dominant level of brain wave activity

2: Females have been shown to have more delta wave activity

3: It is proved that animals experience Delta Waves, too, especially in all mammals

4: We don’t have any memory of our delta wave experience, but it’s like being sowhere else with our mind

5: We don’t hear delta waves, but we only have a perception of these brain waves, that’s why we have to work on a binaural session to listen to them

6: When we produce delta waves we are in the slow-wave sleep, an unconscius state of mind

7: Well, if you have sleep problems, like insomnia, or simply you need to relax, a new age music that contains delta waves can be really useful

8: There’s a type of deep meditation which is called Yoga Nidra, the Sleep Yoga, where people can remain conscious while in delta-sleep.

9: In some religions, delta waves are the highest state of consciousness, a super conscius state where you have access to God

10: Before we die, Delta Waves are the final waves our brain produce.

Well… Good to know… Anyway, if you’re curious and you haven’t listened to the video music yet, you can try with this album, a collection of delta waves experiences that help you relax and sleep. Good night…