Meditation: How to Connect with Nature

Meditation: How to Connect with Nature

Meditation: How to Connect with Nature

Meditation brings you closer to your true self. With its techniques, it helps you harmonize with nature. Peace is your true nature and meditation leads to inner peace. To remain healthy you must follow the rules of nature. The more harmonious you are with it, the greater is the chance of enjoying good health and longevity!

We’re living crazy times, are we not? Many people around you are feeling destitute of hope and energy. Connecting with the essence of yourself and the surrounding nature is remedy. It brings clarity and inner peace. It connects you with who you are.

Meditation helps you become more receptive, and it helps purifying your mind! When you meditate you open your consciousness. Cleaning your mind allows you to better understand everything that surrounds you. By learning to silence the noises that disturb your development, you will also feel a connection with nature. During the practice of meditation this connection supplies you with pure energy: with it you will feel more connected to everything that lives in nature. Meditation brings you an openness to the level of sensitivity and a purer love for all that is around you. Compassion also has a true meaning and thanks to it you can love all animals and humans.

During meditation, you let your mind clear all the information that is not important and that may be blocking you from new and great information. During practice, you are always fully aware of what you are doing and of the present moment. If you need, you can open your eyes and see that you are in control of the meditation. However, it is important to keep your eyes closed if you feel that you are distracted by anything, so as not to “break” the line of meditation. You will feel a sense of inner peace, a connection with nature and the whole planet.


If people were more connected with nature they would be less stressed and anxious, and I say this because people living in big cities go through these problems. It is quite true that in the big city it is much easier to see cars, buildings, and industries than to see quiet places where we can get in touch with nature. But blaming the place where you live does not serve as an excuse for not having a connection with nature: if you pay attention, you can enjoy some things by looking out your window, walking outdoors, or chirping birds, trees, or the wind rummaging through their leaves. Each of these things brings you closer to your true nature!

Stop what you are doing for at least a minute during the day, when possible, and pay attention to the sounds of the environment. You may probably hear the singing of some (or several) birds. You can also appreciate how they move between the branches and leaves of the trees. Observing the colors of the different types of flowers that are born in the trees is something very interesting to see, and even the trees that only have leaves also deserve to be observed. Their height, the shape of their leaves, and if they are green light or dark: everything is interesting. Focus on the wind when it touches your face. It may be strong or weak. This is great for keeping your attention in the present moment. When it is windy loud hear the sound of it on the leaves of the trees, this brings calm and inner peace.

These simple examples can increase your connection with nature, function as a meditation, lessening anxiety and stress, eliminating physical and mental agitation. This way can connect with nature: let’s try it!

Meditation brings you closer to your true nature!