Meditation Step By Step: How To Practice Walking Meditation

Meditation Step By Step: How To Practice Walking Meditation

Meditation Step By Step: How To Practice Walking Meditation

Who ever said that you can only meditate by sitting down? Find out about Walking Meditation, and experience how wonderful and relaxing it can be.

Walking meditation can be just as satisfying and relaxing as meditation done while sitting down, and has the added advantage of improving your fitness. It can be very easy and informal, and you may have experienced it without even knowing you did. Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever started walking, and kept going until you reached your destination, without realizing that time was passing by? Well, you may unexpectedly discovered one of the most simple, but amazing, meditation techniques out there. Here is a step by step guide on how to recreate that experience:


Outside, of course! Set aside 30 minutes every day just for this. Just go out with the intention of walking, without having errands in mind. Let this be a moment just for you to release stress.

walking meditation


Start by preparing mentally. Allow your mind to become still before you go outside. Take deep breaths in, and let awareness and mindfulness take control of your thoughts.

Begin Walking

Now that you are relaxed, head out and start walking. Start by paying attention to how naturally your feet alternate while you proceed. Left, right, left, right. Left. Right. Notice how your breath is regular, and simply enjoy the experience of walking. How you have your own rhythm, and how your entire body is involved in this movement.

Keep On Going

Become mindful, and keep the attention on this simple movement. When your mind wanders, just bring it back by thinking about it. Let your feet be your guide as you keep going.

I hope you found this walking meditation step by step useful. Remember to add your own variants to make it as natural and comfortable as possible. May these tips be used by you in the future if you ever try out this amazingly satisfying meditation technique.