Meditation Tips: How To Meditate Effectively

Meditation Tips: How To Meditate Effectively

Meditation Tips: How To Meditate Effectively

The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.”

To meditate is to train one’s conscious to behave in a particular manner, usually one that is calm and serene, so that we can look at life through a clear lens and understand our behaviour, emotions and decisions better than ever before. This growth in self awareness and journey into our mind, body and soul is what learning to meditate is all about and what makes the practice such a worthy one. Anything that teaches us more about ourselves and expands our comprehension of the world as well as our capacity for compassion and gratitude can only be a good thing!

If you want to know how to meditate effectively, the real secret is just to begin and figure it out along the way. However for those of you eager to start but unsure as to how it’s done, here are some meditation tips to get you on your way.

The Right Time – There is no ‘right’ time to meditate really, but mornings and evenings are thought to be better because they coincide with our bodies quieter rhythms. To start out on the right foot, practice your daily meditation right after you wake up or just before bed for a truly peaceful meditation.


Meditate With Others – If you are starting out, joining a group or class can be a great way to learn meditation. Having someone to guide you through the meditation is hugely beneficial, especially if they know what they are doing, and learning to become still and focused in a group scenario can be even more powerful than achieving this alone.7

Be Consistent – The best way to meditate is to do so consistently and often. Practicing daily mediation speeds up the process of becoming successful at it and maintains our ability to feel calm and balanced in everyday life. Be consistent with the time of day and the place that you choose to meditate also, this will improve the experience and increase the amount you get out of it.

Have An Open Mind – Attitude and belief is key, if you don’t think that meditation is going to work or help you in any way then you create a mental barrier for its effectiveness and diminish its potential power. Be open to what meditation can do for you and believe in the changes that can take place within you, this puts you in a much better position to succeed with it. Learn meditation with a positive mindset and a positive outcome awaits.5

Flow – Everything throughout your meditation should have a distinctive flow and rhythm – your breathing, your mantra (if you have one), your thoughts and your feelings. If you are trying too hard to achieve stillness and inner peace and to block out your inner voice it is likely that you won’t achieve any of those things! Learn to let go of control and eventually the answers you seek will find you, not the other way around.


Those were our tips for how to meditate effectively and be successful in your endeavours to find a state of calm. From reduced stress to deep relaxation to lowering anxiety, there are many reasons why a person should learn meditation so take 5 minutes today and be alone with yourself and your thoughts, you never know what you stand to gain until you try it.