Migraine Relief: 4 Holistic Treatments to Cure a Headache

Migraine Relief: 4 Holistic Treatments to Cure a Headache

Migraine Relief: 4 Holistic Treatments to Cure a Headache

Headaches and migraines are extremely common. Chances are, some of the people that are reading these words are suffering from one right now. If you are looking for holistic treatments for migraine relief, read this article!

Some people suffer from light to severe headaches by the daily. The pain can cause irritability and bad temper, other than making it difficult to go through everyday life and tasks. However, there are several home-ready treatments and migraine remedies which you can use in order to alleviate the burden. Read on to discover four of them!

1. Fix Your Diet

One of the most useful ways to cure a headache is by understanding its origin. Certain foods have been shown to intensify the frequency of migraines; these include dairies, peanut butter, chocolate and certain fruits. Start keeping a diet diary, and notice how the severity of your migraines varies in accordance to your changes in diet.

2. Natural Oils

Inhaling natural oils or applying them on your skin is one of the best and most pleasant holistic treatments for migraine relief. The most used are lavender oil, basil oil, and peppermint oil. The latter in particular has vaso-dilating properties, and helps to lessen the pain by improving the blood flow through vessels.

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3. Rapid Scalp Massage

You often see people lightly massaging their forehead by applying pressure on the temples through their fingers. This method can actually be very useful – researches have shown that by doing this you are actually massaging the greater occipital nerve, which reduces migraine pain. Next time the headache hits, grab a couple of drops of oil and massage your head to the side of your eyes.

4. Feverfew

As the name would suggest, feverfew would usually be used to treat fever. However, it is also know for being a very good home remedy for migraines. A study has proven that people that consume this herbal treatment have 70% less probability of having headaches.

I hope you found this article on natural healing migraine remedies useful. Use these simple holistic treatments in the future

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