Mindfulness Meditation 5 Minutes A Day

Mindfulness Meditation 5 Minutes A Day

Mindfulness. What it can do to your mind is amazing. This Buddhist practice has found its way into our everyday western lives thanks to the benefits it offers. It takes just five minutes a day of mindfulness meditation exercises to make a difference: find out how by reading this article.

Mindfulness Meditation: A Short Definition

For those who are not familiar with the term, mindfulness is the practice of observing objects, facts and feelings from afar and with the eye of an objective bystander. It comprises judging in a detached manner what surrounds us. How can we benefit from this?

From the standpoint of a person living in this day and age, mindfulness can be useful when it comes to bringing our attention back to the present. We worry too much about the past, about the future, while we often forget about the moment we are living. Mindfulness is all about NOW.

Why Mindful Meditation?

Among all the types of meditation, mindfulness is one of the most appreciated. It helps people relax in just a couple of minutes: a study from Harvard University has proven that it relieves stress and depression, it lowers blood pressure and improves sleep. Detaching ourselves from small and fastidious details we can appreciate the larger picture they are part of; this means also developing stronger feelings of compassion as we are objectively able to identify ourselves with other people.

Great. How do I Carry Out Mindfulness Meditation Exercises?

Anyone can practice mindful meditation; it just takes a little bit of practice. As you start, your mind might be more prone to wandering and you might find it difficult to focus. As you keep on trying, you will find that keeping your attention will become easier. However, while starting, remember to try focusing on something simple: it can be a flickering candle or a relaxing song. Pay attention to your breath being drawn in and out. When your mind begins to stray, come back to this point. With practice you will become perfect!

Here is some relaxing music you can listen to while practicing mindfulness meditation 5 minutes a day, directly from our main YouTube channel Meditation Relax Club!

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