#MondaySongs: Massage Room for Home Sauna free mp3 music downloads

#MondaySongs: Massage Room for Home Sauna free mp3 music downloads

A real sauna room to recreate as home sauna with this weekly free mp3 music downloads called Massage Room, the kind of relaxing spa music to experiment the sauna benefits.

We want to give as our gift this meditative music from the album SAUNA AND RELAX to make you feel how music can be relaxing in a resting situation like inside the sauna.

Generally the room is made of a dried, wood planks and heated with hot granite rocks. Sauna therapy is a way to soothe body and mind, in fact it’s a place for people to sit, relax and sweat for both social and health purposes.

What is sauna good for?

The sauna benefits are several and if you have the possibility to have your own sauna room for a home sauna you can easily use this background music to increase its benefits.

–       Health benefits: good for blood circulation and espiratory problems.

–       Body cleasing: the dry heat of sauna therapy helps the body sweat out toxins and flush excess water and waste.

–       Mental benefits: the steam and heat help muscles relax, soothe the mind and rejuvenate the body. This process is also made easier by the music which makes you calm and let go.

–       Weight loss: the heat increases your heart beat. A 20-minutes session in a sauna room at a temperature of 70/75° C will help you lose 500 calories.

–       Skin benefits: sweating is perfect for your pores to release all the impurities of your body.

So what are you waiting? This music is free for you, for your personal use, download it now easily clicking on the SoundCloud link below.

Massage Room is also perfect for a wellness center or a beauty farm where clients need some peaceful zen music to relax during their spa massage, in the tub or during the sauna.