#MondaySongs: “Workouts” Free mp3 Music

#MondaySongs: “Workouts” Free mp3 Music

Time for: Monday Songs! As we have started a new YouTube channel Annalisa Fitness Coach as you know (CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE), the free online music downloads of the week is “Workouts”, from the album “Music for Power Pilates vol. 2”, a collection of relaxing lounge and chill out music for a pilates class or ideal for a warm up before starting your workout routines.

Warm Up – Warm Up Exercises Fitness Video, Stretch & Yoga for your Workout Routines → this video I’m posting is also a good warm up exercise, you can easily do every morning when you wake up, since you don’t need any equipment, just relax and prepare yourself for day.

The music you’re about to download for your personal use is soft and really calming. I mean, if you’re not a fitness addicted you may use this music for relaxation after dinner, or in the afternoon, when you come back from work, or it works also if you’re having a relaxing bath, on a spa moment at home. Or, if you like parties, you can put this music on when you’re organizing a cocktail party at home with your dearest friends to create a lounge atmosphere.

[download label="Download here - Workouts"][/download]


If you like this music and want to listen to the complete album, click on the link → MUSIC FOR POWER PILATES VOL. 2

  1. Cristi

    i’m very interesting about this kind the musicn because i practice zen meditation,over 15 years i listen that,it use me for a quiet mind,spirit.
    thank you!

    • RLion

      Hi Cristi! thank you for your comment. Keep on visiting our website for more news on meditation and relaxation. On Monday we have our special free mp3 corner where you can download your free music every week. If you miss it, there is also a post I wrote on Thursday for 200.000 followers on our youtube channel. If you go there, you can find another free music to download. Join us! and have a great week! 🙂

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