#MondaySongs: Autumn Sleep Song

#MondaySongs: Autumn Sleep Song

Hello everyone, we hope you had a lovely week and we are ready to start a new one with you, as always!

As you know, Autumn is here, which means that the days are getting shorter and the light is decreasing. That causes a feeling of tiredness and sleepiness which is totally normal, but can also bring to seasonal depression. But even if the cold seasons get you down, don’t worry: the best medicine is still sunlight, but when it’s not possibile, a useful remedy is just… sleep!

If you don’t get enough sleep, in fact, you will just keep your energy levels low and feel tired all the time, so we’re here today with a very soothing song for you to enjoy:

If you like it, please check out the album #25 Autumn Sleep Songs – Gentle Rain, Rolling Thunder, Falling Leaves Nature Sounds and have a great week!