#MondaySongs: Free download relaxing music of the week – Dreaming, Relaxing Music

#MondaySongs: Free download relaxing music of the week – Dreaming, Relaxing Music

Spa. The greatest world of spa. The relaxing world of spa. Made of  aromas, essential oils, massages, clean towels, peaceful and relaxing spa music.

We talked about spa benefits and spa day at home several times on this blog → click on the link for having 5 tips for your diy spa day

But what is true is that anyone deserves some relaxation and a little treat for themself. It happens sometimes that you are home alone and want to relax a little bit. Not just sitting on the couch and take a nap, but a real relaxation moment, different from the usual distractions on tv or spending an hour of your life looking at the walls of your room.

What I may suggest you is this: light some candles around the room, then if you like it, light an incense with an oriental perfume and dim all the other lights. If you have a fitness mat, o a cover, lay it on the floor and then lie down, face up.

First of all, remember to download this spa music, from our #MondaySongs collection, the free mp3 of the day, which is called “Dreaming (Relaxing Music)” from the album Relaxation Spa Music (click here to get the full album)

As I told you before, lie down and close your eyes. Try to relax every muscle, try to feel every single part of your body and begin to breathe slowly following the sound of music.

Enjoy your relaxation and after that, let me know how you feel.