#MondaySongs: Free Download Relaxing Music of the Week – Zen Music for Sleeping

#MondaySongs: Free Download Relaxing Music of the Week – Zen Music for Sleeping

Tired of being tired? What you need are some sleep delta waves in the best relaxation music ever. Then add some nature sounds to finish the job and here you have the perfect recipe to help you sleep and relax.

Do not undervalue your need of sleeping, because it’s important to have a rest if you want to recharge the batteries for a long day. We usually don’t feel guilty if we work a lot, why should we feel this way when we need to sleep? It’s the authomatic answer of our body to the tiredness we accumulate during the day.

The song you can freely download today is called “Nature Sounds Sleeping Aid” and it’s from the album “Soft Music Lullaby 101”, by Sleep Music Lullabies, a great collection of 101 sleeping songs for falling asleep, rest and feel relaxed in the morning.

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This is just one of the soothing songs contained in the album and if you like it, you can listen to the preview of the album clicking on the title above. Sleep Music Lullabies usually creates amazing collections of specific new age music for sleeping and sleep therapy, like the n.1 album on iTunes for relaxing sleep music “Sleep Music, 101 Sleep Songs“. the you can listen also on Spotify

It’s common to have some sleep problems, like insomnia, especially when you are too tired at the end of the day, and you aren’t able to fall asleep, or you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night for no reasons. That’s why some zen music for sleeping may be a great help to relax both body and mind and put you in the mood for falling asleep. As your body needs to slow down and relax, so does your mind. That’s why music allows you to lock all your daily worries in a big box and finally empty the mind for relaxation.

Download this free mp3 to help you sleep and remember you can also use it for yoga nidra and sleep meditation to reduce your anxiety and control your stress levels.