#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Music for Meditation of the Week – Work Music "Shamanic Music"

#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Music for Meditation of the Week – Work Music "Shamanic Music"

Meditation is the practice of training the mind to concentrate and it’s a big boost to life and career.  Meditation, helped by the music, is really helpful, also in the workplace. We’re not talking about sitting for a while doing nothing at work because you need to meditate. Sometimes a little break from what you’re doing can be really relaxing and refreshing. For example, if you work in front of a computer all day long, a 5 minute-break is well accepted. You can close your eyes and concetrate on your breathing for a little while, then start your work again.

If you work in contact with people every minute of your day, you surely need a break to close your mind from the outside world.

Meditation music is a great help during your workday. Some people think it’s a little bit boring and makes you fall asleep, instead of working. But relaxing meditation music helps you pay much attention, it helps you listen when no one is speaking, because it improves your concentration. And it’s really usefull to relax your nerves when your boss or your collegues put you under pressure.

Today we want to give you a slow music to relax both body and mind, from the album: “Ashtanga Yoga”, a combination of  world shamanic healing music and relaxation music for meditation.

The song is called “Shamanic Serenity (Vinyasa Yoga)” and it’s really easy to download.

Click on the link below and open our SoundCloud page. Here you can listen to our music and download all the song you like.

I really hope you enjoy it and it could be useful for you during work.

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