#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Relaxation Music of the Week – Shamanic Music (Native American Music)

#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Relaxation Music of the Week – Shamanic Music (Native American Music)

If you haven’t tried traditional tribal music for relaxation yet, this is your occasion. We would like to make you listen to some native american music, the popular music Indian Americans used to sing or play.

In this case we suggest you to download our free mp3 and play it as background music if you need some inspirational music for your meditation sessions. In Native American music there are two main aspects: singing and percussion. In particular vocalization, solo or choral, are part of the music, which is usually accompanied by instrumental sounds like drums or native american flute music.

This kind of traditional music plays a vital role in education and history of Native Americans and it has an oral tradition. It is played during cerimonies and rituals, but it also has the great power to help people concentrate during meditations and to relax the mind, thanks to its repetitive mantras and shamanic drummings.

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This song is called “By the Fireplace”, from the album “YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS”, and it has been created to practice yoga or pilates. If you’re new at meditation, you can try to use this music just to relax your mind and body, especially after a long day at work and if your mind starts to go wherever it wants, take a deep breath and start from the beginning of your path.

This is a new way of meditating and I’ll be happy if you let me know if you like this kind of music. If you want to download the complete album you can click on the title above and play the iTunes preview. It also contains some other ambient lounge music and other different musical atmospheres to play for your relaxation and meditation, so you can try different sounds and choose your favourite.

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