#MondaySongs: Free Instrumentals Downloads Mp3 of the Week – I Love Autumn!

#MondaySongs: Free Instrumentals Downloads Mp3 of the Week – I Love Autumn!

I love Autumn! I really do! I know it sounds a bit strange because it’s not a sunny season, and it’s not hot outside, you always have to wear a scarf and the weather is commonly rainy. But that’s the point! I love it!

After 3 months of sea, sunbathing, parties on the beach and outdoor dinners, it’s the moment to really relax. Because Autumn, or Fall as you want to call it, it’s the season where all nature goes to sleep, need to rest. And your mind and body need it too, even if you disagree.

The days are shorter than during summer season and in some parts of the world Autumn means also foggy days and no more water melons. But let’s try to see the positive sides of the most colourful time of the year.

Autumn is appreciated for its colours: the leaves of the trees become yellow, red, brown, orange, some of them are purple, too, a great show for the eyes when they create a carpet under the trees. Moreover, Autumn brings with him fruits, berries and seeds, like oranges or chestnuts. There is nothing more traditional for autumn than seeing someone cooking chestnuts on the corners of the street, creating that atmosphere of advent of Christmas.

How about clothes? As the weather gets colder you add scarfs, hats, socks and tights to your wardrobe to make you feel warmer and comfortable. Not to mentions blankets and quilts on the bed.

Besides Autumn hosts one of the scariest but funny celebration of the year, which is Halloween, with its terrifying masks and skeletons and its delicious pumpkin pies and decorations that add color to the painting. But Fall is also the season of All Saint’s Day, on the 1st of November and of Thanksgiving, the greatest occasion for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

I’d like to dedicate my free mp3 of the week to Autumn, with a romantic piano song, called “Chanson d’Automne”, which means Autumn Song and it’s contained in the album with the same name “Chanson d’Automne”. (Click on the title to listen to the preview of the album). It contains different relaxing songs and soothing music played by piano to listen to while you’re enjoying some relaxing time for you, reading a good book, drinking some hot chocolate and wearing a fluffy pair of socks.


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But I don’t want to forget all the other side of the world, where the first flowers are blooming and people start to appreciate longer and warmer days, welcoming spring time. I tell you the truth when I say that it sounds difficult to think about Halloween on the beach, but I suppose it’s the same thing for Australians to imagine Christmas under the snow.

I’d really love to read your stories about that, so download your weekly free music and let us a comment, telling us where you live and how you live this time of the year.

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