#MondaySongs: Free Relaxation Music Download of the Week – Yoga Music

#MondaySongs: Free Relaxation Music Download of the Week – Yoga Music

#MondaySongs: Free Relaxation Music Download of the Week – Yoga Music

Today’s free mp3 is about yoga music and relaxation during yoga exercises. This free instrumental music can be used during yoga classes or meditation sessions, but before presenting our weekly free music download, Meditation Relax Club wants to tell you something about yoga and its surprising benefits. Yoga is becoming more and more popular and it brings a long serie of hidden health benefits that will help you during your daily activities.

Ease headaches

Yoga helps you relax and dicreases your heartrate, so it is proven that people who suffer from headaches have fewer and less painful migraines after three months of yoga practice.

yoga poses for headaches

Memory Booster

During the day we usually practice some activities that require our concentration and when we feel stressed, it’s not easy at all to focus on the things to do. Yoga exercises help reduce mental stress and physical tensions so it’s possible for us to be more focused and to organize our thoughts so that our mind can work efficiently.

Boost your Sexual Performances

Yoga and sex aren’t separeted. In fact practicing yoga for a normal period of time can improve your sexual desire and the performaces, building your self confidence. Think about that: if you feel relaxed and out of stress, you’ll feel more involved, and thanks to some particular yoga positions, like Merudandasana or Baddha Konasana, where you activate your Mula Bandha (contraction of the pelvic floor), you’ll improve your physical attitude. You will also involve the second chakra, Svadhistana, the chakra related to sexuality.

 MerudandasanaBaddha Konasana 2

Sleep Better

Sleep helps our machine to work. For feeling aware and awake during the day, we need to sleep at least 6 hours per night without insomnia problems. Yoga is perfect to improve your sleep quality, helping you to learn how to relax from stress and fatigue.

We would like to give you this beautiful free relaxing music to download that you can listen while practicing your yoga exercises. The music is called “Lullaby for Sleeping” from the album “Yoga Therapy”, a collection of 50 tracks to use for relaxation, meditation and yoga practice.

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