#MondaySongs: Free Soothing Instrumental Music of the Week – Mindfulness Meditation Music

#MondaySongs: Free Soothing Instrumental Music of the Week – Mindfulness Meditation Music

#MondaySongs: Free Soothing Instrumental Music of the Week – Mindfulness Meditation Music

Mindfulness is a mental state. Practicing mindfulness exercises can change your perspective on reality and mindfulness meditation helps you see your thoughts for what they really are… just thoughts!

Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment and recognize that meditation can be everywhere, in the little things you do in every moment of every single day. Stress and anxiexy are unnecessary in the present moment, it’s something we create within our mind and it prevents us from living our life completely.

Find your mindfulness in the simple activities of the day.


Walking is something you do everyday, from the moment you wake up to go to work, to go shopping, if you practice any sport, and so on. If you start to pay attention to the movements you do, controlling your breathing, you can also start to be aware of your sorrounding, to be aware of the ground, if you’re walking through nature in a park, on the beach, or if you are in the city center. Which sounds can you hear? Which smell can you feel?

waling meditation


Everybody breathes. But most of all we do it the wrong way. Have you ever paid attention to your breathing? Begin sitting comfortably on a chair or wherever you may feel comfortable and safe. Then start to observe your breathing, feeling the air that goes inside your nose as you inhale and out and you exhale. A controlled breathing helps you relax and calm your mind.

mindfulness breathing exercises


I love eating and it happens that I need to eat all alone when at the office. So this moment during lunch, could be perfect for a little mindfulness. When we eat we usually think about many other things except what we are eating. Moreover we usually don’t give weight to the enviroment around us.

When we have meal, make sure you focus only on the experience: no working while eating, no surfing on the internet, no tv, just complete focus on the food, being sensitive. Pay attention to the colors of the foods, the smells and the tastes.

mindfulness meditation eating

During these normal activities you can try to have a mindfulness experience, before starting a real deep meditation. If you feel ready to try, then let the music help you. This free mp3 is called “By the Sea (Relaxation Music)” from the album “Mindfulness Meditation – Zen Music Relaxing”, a real mindfulness meditation journey inside your mind. Feel free to download this free relaxing music and use it for your personal care, to relax, to meditate, for practicing yoga or to help you sleep. Mindfulness doesn’t erase problems from your life, it helps you see them into another perspective and face them for what they really are.

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