#MondaySongs & Meditation Tips: A Guide To Guided Meditation

#MondaySongs & Meditation Tips: A Guide To Guided Meditation

#MondaySongs & Meditation Tips: A Guide To Guided Meditation

What Is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a type of meditation which walks and talks you through a session, generally by means of a meditation teacher, video or audio resource. It ‘guides’ you throughout the meditation and creates a particular experience or journey in your mind.

The benefit of this spiritual meditation is that you don’t need to lead the meditation or figure out what your mind should be doing, the guide will do that for you. For this reason, visualisation meditation techniques are great for beginners as it gives you a helping hand into the world of meditation.

What Is It Useful for?

Guided meditation should give a very deep meditation experience, it will therefore help you to reach a state of true relaxation and inner peace. Breathing exercises are an important part of this meditation as often the guide will prompt you to take deep breaths throughout the session. For both religious and secular practitioners, this meditation will deepen your understanding of the world and is great for personal growth.

Visualisation meditation also aims to connect the mind and body and improve cognitive abilities overall. When you concentrate all of your senses on experiencing the imagined reality, it starts to become real in your mind. Once you start to gain control over your mind in this way, you can use it to your advantage in many ways to do things such as improve willpower, give up bad habits and gain more control over your emotions. It also strengthens the connection between the right and the left hemisphere of your brain.

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Feel free to download this song called “Spiritual Healing (Meditation Music)” from the album Meditation Masters and use it for your own meditations and yoga lessons.

Guided Meditation Tips

This reflective, deep meditation is best practiced in a quiet, peaceful environment. Keep your posture upright and tall with your back straight to allow for deep breathing. You can also choose to lie down if that’s what you prefer. Immerse yourself in the audio of the meditation, paying close attention to what is being said, and choose one based off what you want to achieve or get out of the session (boost low self-esteem, relaxation, spiritual meditation etc.).

It is better to have a specific goal in mind before starting the meditation, that way you have a focal point and an objective to concentrate on throughout. There are so many types of guided meditation videos out there, so choose the one that’s right for you and that is tailored to your requirements.

If utilised correctly, guided meditation is an extremely powerful tool that can change your life. The effect it has on the brain has a knock on effect on the body and even changes the way your cells work. As stated before, the brain cannot distinguish between an imagined and a real event. If you can essentially ‘trick’ your mind into having experiences and turn them into positive entities, you can boost your confidence and self esteem andΒ start to believe you can achieve anything, or whatever you set your mind to.