#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Free Download Mp3 of the Week – Positive Thinking Music

#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Free Download Mp3 of the Week – Positive Thinking Music

“You cannot have a positive life with a positive mind.” – Joyce Meyer

Stop negative self-talk and start thinking positive. It helps you cope with stress for living a healthier life. Positive thinking helps you change your approach to life, it doesn’t mean to avoid unpleasant situations, but to face them in a different way. Starting from self-talk, which is the constant flow of our thoughts, we need to push them into a more productive and positive direction, so to start seeing changes in our life and in our way of seeing things around us.


This is the first step, trying to smile to your life and you’ll live longer. Moreover you look more beautiful if you smile. If this is not easy for you, try to do it alone, in front of a mirror. Forcing yourself to smile will help you change your mood and relieve stress.



Positive people generate positive thoughts. Sorround yourself with people who see life with positive energy in order to feel lighter and to change your perspective on a daily base.


Even if you don’t remember the lyrics or you’re out of tune, don’t mind it! Sing and you’ll immediately feel much better. Singing helps you vent stress feelings and strong emotions, too. Choose among the thousands of songs you listen to on the radio or sing your favorite song to pump you up.



Being calm and far from stress is the first step for positive thinking. When you feel sad or your mind is busy, anxious and stressed you tend to fill your mind with negative thoughts. In this way stressful situations will increase instead of being solved. So why don’t you try with meditation? You can sit for 10 minutes, trying to relax and free your mind from every single worry of your life. Play this music below, close your eyes and let the song guide you into a peaceful place, where you can feel safe and reborn.



Feel free to download this instrumental mp3 called “Stress Relief Oriental Music” from the album “Clear Mind – Relaxation Music Therapy for a Positive State of Mind” by Liquid Blue clicking on the Soundcloud link above and enjoy a positive zen meditation and a relaxing moment of peace and calm.