#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Free Download Mp3 of the Week – Summer Chill Pilates

#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Free Download Mp3 of the Week – Summer Chill Pilates

Why is pilates good for you and your health? Well easy… If you’re looking for some exercises to do to stay fit, pilates is one of the best choice you can do. Here’s why:

–       pilates improves your posture

–       exercises boost your balance

–       it reduces injury risk

–       it increases strength

–       it enhances core stability

–       it improves flexibility

–       it lowers blood pressure

–       it increases mental fitness

–       it improves stamina

Practicing Pilates at home is not always the perfect choice, because it’s easier to give up, but if you’re determinate everything is possible, you know, especially if you’re doing something good for your body and for your health.

Correct movements of pilates are followed by inspirational and relaxing music, which allows you to reach the harmony between body and mind.

Today #MondaySongs corner will give you the ideal soundtrack to plan your pilates schedule at home. The music you’re about to download is “Summer Chill” which comes from the album “Core Pilates – Chillax Relaxing Lounge Music for Power Pilates” (to see the full album click on the title).

This is a mix of relaxation free music and nature sounds, in this case sea waves to help you relax and be ready for your pilates class.

Perfect to listen to unwind, too.

Let me know what you think. Namaste


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