#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Mp3 Free Download of the Week – Music for Guided Meditation

#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Mp3 Free Download of the Week – Music for Guided Meditation

Meditating daily is the most effective way to see concrete results and meditation benefits. A famous zen saying tells us that we should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day, but if we don’t have time to do it, then we should meditate for at least an hour, because this is what we really need, to relax!

For people who live a hectic life, meditate on a daily base is not an easy thing and a little help is required. In fact meditation can be difficult if your mind can’t stop overthinking so it’s hard to choose between morning or evening meditation. The first one requires a lucid mind from the moment you jump out of your bed until you end your meditation; while the second one requires a deep calm and concentration after a long working day. So what can you do?

You can start with a guided meditation for relaxation. This can be the first step whether you choose to meditate in the morning or before going to bed at night. Following a guiding voice is easier then choosing your own path and it allows you to focus on the words and relax. This guided meditation is only an example of how relaxing a guided voice can be.

It’s not important to reach the end of the meditation or not: you may fall asleep before the music stops, or you may feel a little emotional. Don’t worry! The target is to relax! If you’re interested in other guided meditations you can follow our YouTube playlist which contains several musical therapies to help you slow down and meditate.

When you start to control your thoughts and learn how to breathe properly, you can skip the guided voice and meditate on your own. Music is necessary to induce you into a state of concentration and relaxation, so external noises won’t disturb your session.

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Feel free to download this relaxing song called “Inhale and Exhale” to play it while doing your mindfulness breathing exercises. The song is in the album “Guided Meditation for Anxiety” where you can also find the previous guided meditation, with other relaxation tracks to chill out and relax. This music is really helpful if you want to practice yoga or pilates with a little help from peaceful music, too.