#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Mp3 Free Download of the Week – Soft Music

#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Mp3 Free Download of the Week – Soft Music

Brasilian atmosphere for this background music free relaxation mp3 dowload, from your #MondaySongs corner of the week.

All people’s eyes are focused on Brazil in these days, because the FIFA World Cup is taking place right now in the major stadiums of the country.

You can be part of this colorful world with the cheerfulness of its people and the rhythm of its latin sounds with this new iTunes album signed Meditation Relax Club.

Do not think this is always the same study music, because this time we create a perfect combination with concentration music and guitar bossanova music in occasion of Brazil 2014. I used this music not only for studying, but it’s also perfect for evening relaxation on a warm summer night.

The instrumental music you’re about to download is called: “Soft Music (Tantra Love)” from the album “Exam Study Concentration Music Brazil 2014” (click on the picture below to download the full album).


I hope you enjoy this music as well as I do and maybe listen to it while dancing with somebody special by your side.


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