#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Mp3 Free of the Week – Stress Relief Music and Healthy Stress Remedies

#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Mp3 Free of the Week – Stress Relief Music and Healthy Stress Remedies

What is one of the most common problem in our lives nowadays? Certainly stress. Causes are different, just like their effects on people. In fact stress can cause stomach ache, head ache, tachycardia or muscle tension, together with anxiety or panic attacks, in more serious cases.

Hormones such as cortisol, increase in the body during periods of elevate stress, causing high blood pressure, increasing heart rate and accelerating breathing. The key of everything is oxygen and your body needs to use it in the right way.

Science proved that some simple activities help you to reduce stress in your life.

–       Walk for 10 minutes

There’s nothing better that a 10 minutes walk far from your seat at work, to give you a break from your working activity, looking around and unplug.

–       Deep Yoga Breathing

If you practice yoga, then you’ll know how important breathing is. A regular and slow breathing helps you calm the nervous system and relax. Try it when you are angry and impulsive: stop just for a while, breathe with councious and relax.

–       Computer = Stress

Some of you may not agree with this, but using the computer every single moment of the day, not only at work, but at home too, it’s easily associated with stress, with lost of sleep and depression. Remember to switch off your devices one hour before going to bed.

–       Kiss me

One of the most powerful remedies against stress is kissing. The brain releases endorphins equipped with a powerful analgesic and exciting activity.

–       Time for a chitchat

Friends are great for a good and healthy laugh

–       Play some good music

Not necessary classical music, but something relaxing is perfect. Because some pleasant music infuses the brain with good humor neurochemical as dopamine.

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Feel free to download this relaxing meditation music and stress relief sounds to try a new way of relaxation. The song is called “Tibetan Singing Bells for Tibetan Monks Meditation Mantras” from the album “Meditation Music Oasis”. It’s a peaceful and calming track with tibetan bowls, ocean waves sounds and flute music, good to meditate, for spa massage or simply to help you sleep.