Music Can Help Babies Sleep! (Classical Music Playlist)

Music Can Help Babies Sleep! (Classical Music Playlist)

Music can act as a stress release to many and this is now a scientifically proven fact. But did you know that music can be of particular help to babies and infants?

According to a research, babies love to listen to quiet music and can experience very sound sleep if they listen to a classical music playlist. The study was carried out on almost 120 babies for 6 months, and it was discovered that all of those who listened to soothing music slept better than those who did not.

The research also proved that all these babies who were made to listen to soothing music fell asleep within 10 minutes of listening to it, and went for a sound sleep of almost 6 hours.

Generally, babies who are less than 3 weeks old will wake up about every two hours due to hunger. The research has proven that all those babies who were more than 6 weeks old were less bothered about hunger and could sleep soundly for 5 hours straight. This made their mothers get decent amounts of rest and they were happy that the trick of making their babies listen to music was working in their favor.

It is now a world renowned fact that music, especially classical, can be extremely relaxing to all those who undergo extreme stress and strain in their daily lives. But now research has proven that music not only acts as a stress release for adults, but will also prove as a useful trick to help babies sleep at night.

If you are a new mom and wish to try a classical music playlist on your child, remember: a newborn’s ear drums are sensitive and so you should never use loud music.

So, what type of music should be exposed to new born babies? Soothing music filled with mild tunes will work perfectly fine.

Here is a classical music playlist for adults and babies sleep with relaxing classical songs. Let me know if it works for you!