Music Therapy: Brain Power and Relaxation in The Seven Notes

Music Therapy: Brain Power and Relaxation in The Seven Notes

Music is healing, from the mists of time. You can heal with music. Science has revealed the alchemy of the seven notes on the body and spirit.
Usually, the term “therapy” suggests some pharmacological areas but, in this case, music therapy is the exception that proves the rule. Music therapy is the use of music and musical instruments that aims to develop the potential or residual functions of the individual as preventive, rehabilitative or therapeutic measure.



The applications of sound therapy are numerous, many studies and researches have confirmed its validity. Starting with those that proved that the soft lullaby sung by a mother to her child, is able to accelerate the development of nutritive capacity of premature infants, leading to a significant increase of weight, and thus to an improvement of the health of the children, not to mention the deep joy for their mother. The words the mother tells to her child are important for the baby development just like the food he eats.


Another application of music therapy is for the patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. For example, for people who have walking difficulties, the rhythm of the metronome can be really helpful. The relaxation that comes from music therapy has a positive effect on patients who have to undergo to surgery, too. This has been demonstrated by a report that highlights how the use of soft relaxing music for about fifteen minutes before the operation, can calm the patient, reducing the dose of sedatives and anesthetics.
In 1996 the results of a study showed that half of the women who listened to music during childbirth did not need any type of anesthesia: in fact the music stimulation increases the release of endorphins, and decreases the need for medication.
If you want to try a new experience with music, why don’t you try to relax with this music video, that introduces you into a music therapy session for relaxation and to fight any depression stage.