My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 3

My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 3

Ciao, welcome back to “Annalisa’s Corner”…today I’m sharing with you 3 yoga poses for backache and I show you how to relieve back pain, above all for lower back ache.

You need your mat and a pillow or better a folded blanket as support.


Here are some exercises for lower back pain, but don’t practice this routine if you’re feeling the pain in that precise moment – in this case you should only breathe and, when you feel better, do cat stretch or bring your knees to your chest as you are in bed.

1.  Roll down

Stand on your yoga mat, feet hip-distance apart.

Inhale and, as you exhale, bend your knees a little and roll down your torso, one vertebra at the time, until your chest touches your knees…hold the position for 10-20 breaths. And roll up one vertebra at the time.

2.  Viparita Karani

Lay on the mat with the legs against the wall and a folded blanket to support your lower back.

Hold the position as much as you can and as much as you want. This is the right exercise for water retention and the period/menstruation.

3. Child’s Pose

On your knees – a little wide to begin and then, closed – sit on your heels, bend your torso to the floor and relax your arms by your side…stay there for 2 minutes and keep breathing.

And remember…stay warm during winter!

See you next week!

Ciao 🙂