Naked Meditation is Not Weird – and You Should Try It

Naked Meditation is Not Weird – and You Should Try It

Practicing meditation is great. You learn to breathe better, your body gains flexibility and your mind quiets. The benefits have been known for millennia; first in India, then worldwide. Now, the list of therapeutic properties of this practice begins to gain new items. To reach them, however, there is a demand: one must be completely naked. The wave began in New York and soon grew on social networks and classrooms.

Before practicing yoga without clothes and chanting the deep “ohmm” accompanying the end of meditation techniques, you must free yourself from the embarrassment of being in contorted positions such as those adopted during yoga and – moreover – without clothes and surrounded by strangers. For sure, the most tense moment in practicing naked meditation is when you take off your clothes… Another challenge is to break free from the concept of naked body eroticism: no one is there to sexualize. The goal of naked meditation is to seek self-knowledge within a complete experience. Practicing yoga without clothes allow you to have a greater and better perception of what is around you, than the sense of freedom that nudity gives us during the practice of naked meditation.


These meditation techniques are very interesting because they help change your relationship with the world outside. Sure, it won’t be easy at first… Thinking about what people might think is natural. After all, many of your body blockages are social. By practicing yoga without clothes, you can perceive this and come to accept your body as it is. Without clothing, you are 100% yourself: without mask, without shield, without varnish. You have been able to free yourself from vanity and ego. This is also the concept of naked meditation: to make people detach themselves from vanity, from eroticism and respect the naked body.

Nothing makes us feel as powerful as being healthy, strong and naked… and some meditation techniques could help you to feel better. Naked meditation is a great way to become more comfortable with your naked self. One of the main goals of meditation is to accept yourself as you are, so practicing a simple meditation while being completely naked can help you become more familiar and accept your body.


Do you need other good reasons to adopt these meditation techniques? If you do, this is why you should try yoga without clothes!

No judgment allowed

Naked from all kind of judgment: free yourself. No matter if you’re meditating right or wrong, or how you feel practicing yoga without dress, or if you look weird with naked meditation. No judgment allowed – not during your naked meditation.

 Disclose your desires, ambitions and doubts

Be strong. Meditation doesn’t care what your desires, ambitions and doubts are, but – at the same time – meditation can give you everything you need to follow them. Unfortunately this is possible only by showing you what is standing in your way and making you workout through it.

Break down your physical limitations

Everybody can meditate: you can, too! Even if you live with it, you are not your body. Naked meditation will rip off the idea that you must identify yourself in a physical form. What better way to understand it with practicing yoga without clothes?

Naked of everything

Drop every idea you have for the day and sit. During naked meditation, be exactly as you are. Breathe. Feel the power and grace that fills you when everything else falls away.

Free yourself

Practicing yoga without clothes or naked meditation, you’re developing a deep connection with yourself. You finally see yourself clearly. While you’re strengthening your mind, you’re doing the same with your love for your body. 

With these meditation techniques you will be more confident and you will accept your body with all its imperfections.