Nude Meditation: The Benefits of Meditating Naked

Nude Meditation: The Benefits of Meditating Naked

Are you comfortable being in your body? Find out how nude meditation, a peculiar type of meditation, can help you accept yourself more.

The benefits of meditation have been proven countless times: it lowers stress levels, boosts the immune system and increases your energy. The same goes for the effect it has on your inner self, improving your social skills and emotional stability.

A peculiar and little known type of meditation, however, has recently gained popularity with people that want to feel comfortable with themselves: this is nude meditation, also known as the practice naked meditation.

By meditating without your clothes on, you can go back to being as you were once you came into this world. Your naked self is what truly is important, and what you could call your natural state. Many cultures teach us that being naked is something we should be ashamed about, and that we should hide our imperfections. By practicing nude meditation, I am able to disconnect my physical body from its sexual nature, and accept what I truly am.

Try out this amazing type of meditation if you feel like you are judged. Close your eyes, and meditate remembering that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Remove glasses, jewelry and everything of value that does not belong to your body, and become one with the rest of the universe as you were truly intended to be.


  1. Steve

    I feel like I have relinquished all fears and inhibitions when meditating naked…..this is something everyone should try at lest once!

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