Overcoming Depression: Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

Overcoming Depression: Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

Overcoming Depression: Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

Overcoming depression can be very hard at times; some people are alone in this fight, and find it very hard to show self compassion in order to get out of the negative spiral they found themselves into. Here are several simple steps in which you can help yourself get back on your feet.

Depression is an illness. For some, it has some physical symptoms, while for others, it all lies within you. The thoughts you have can be incredibly painful, and can make you feel pathetic and worthless. You risk dwelling on the negatives rather than on the happy though, and every event seems part of a great spiral of negativity which surrounds you.

Focus on Now

Why keep on dwelling on what has happened in the past? What good will it ever bring to you? Try overcoming depression and negative feelings by focusing on the present through mindfulness, the practice of nonjudgemental meditation. Focus on something with clarity, and let go of all the hurt and the rage that you are holding inside.

Learn Self-Compassion

Being compassionate is often and wrongly perceived as a form of weakness. This could not be more wrong, however. Compassion gives us the ability of showing ourself kindness, a sentiment that lets us breathe and gives us courage. It can make us learn how to better ourselves, and keep us sane. In the dark tunnel of depression, self-compassion is the warm light that helps us through the moments of deep despair.

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All Things Come to an End

Both the good and the bad, one day they will end all the same. And there is nothing wrong with that! We just need to learn to accept that everything in this world is transient, and it was not made to last. Emotions, feelings, people, things… They are ever-changing and evolving, and this is both beautiful and terrifying! We must learn to accept these changes, and acknowledge that there is no good in trying to go against this.

I hope these new intakes on depression can help you with positive thinking in the future. Remember that to cure depression is possible, and that it all depends on how you choose to approach things.