Post Workout Health Hazards

Post Workout Health Hazards

Following a workout routine is all about keeping healthy and in shape. However, if you are not careful you may incur in a couple of nasty health hazards during the post workout…

Workout hygiene is extremely important, but also extremely easy to forget about. If you are the type of person that makes a workout routine part of their daily activity, you may incur in health hazards as you are more subject to some kinds of germs than the average person. Nothing is worse than avoiding going to the gym because you caught a bad cold due to a low immune system… So here are some body hygiene tips you can follow in order to prevent that!

Rolling Up Your Yoga Mat

Using a clean towel on top of your trusty yoga mat is common sense, but even then some sweat is bound to fall down and cause it to get damp. Common bacteria find this environment perfect to dwell in, and they can’t wait for you to roll up the mat and proliferate. If you are not careful enough,ย  an unclean yoga mat can cause skin conditions: leave it out in the sun in a dry area to stop the colonization!

Wearing Your Workout Clothes for the Whole Day

Going out with your friends for a post workout drink can seem adorable, but wearing the same workout clothes all day is probably not. Wearing damp clothing for a prolonged period of time can cause yeast infections and acne. Your skin cannot breathe and is left in its perspiration for too long.

Showering Barefoot

Ah, showers… Where we immediately go and get clean after a healthy workout routine. Be careful when using the shower of your gym, however, as they are the perfect place for the proliferation of germs and fungus. If you have forgotten your flip flops you might be better off just postponing your body hygiene rituals until you get back home…

Wiping Your Sweat with Your Hands

As you might have already understood, gyms are a breeding ground for viruses and germs. Using the same equipment hundreds of people have used before you exposes your hands to germs. The worst thing you can do while working out is cleaning your face with your bare hands: make sure you carry around a clean towel with which you can do so.

Not Having a Personal Bottle

Always bring a water bottle while going for a workout routine. It can be a nuisance, but it certainly is a hundred times better than drinking from the fountain. Water fountains can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and you are highly likely to catch infections while drinking from them!

I hope you found these body hygiene and post workout tips useful. Remember, keeping a healthy and balanced diet will also improve your body’s resistance to infections, so make sure to keep a healthy immune system that can fight off the germs when you can’t avoid exposing yourself to them!


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