Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Do you find yourself loosing breath over the smallest problems? Do you think you’re over reading into things a tad too much? Is your rushing mind causing you fatigue? It’s very likely you’re suffering from anxiety. But you’re not alone. Anxiety itself is a common problem, it’s something everyone goes through at one stage or another in their lives. Anxiety comes in all forms and strengths, so whether it’s a big or small issue we’ve got some relaxation techniques to help you get a natural relief from anxiety.

5. Try Art Therapy

Art therapy is a sort of new method of creative meditation for anxiety, it simply helps distract the mind from being overwhelmed with anxious thoughts. Not much effort is involved either. All you need is a colouring book: you can use a children’s or adult’s colouring book it doesn’t matter, some colouring materials such as watercolours or pencils and boom you’re good to go! Try playing some white noise, nature sounds or relaxation music in the background to help your mind zen out.

4. Meditation

As a natural relief from anxiety, meditation has been scientifically accredited to improve your mind, body and soul. If you’re new to meditation and suffer from anxiety it can be hard to switch off your mind at first. But it’s a wonderful natural relief from anxiety once you train your mind to pipe down.

If it’s your first-time meditating then I ‘d recommend trying guided meditation for your first zen time, there is even meditation for anxiety. Set half an hour aside, find a comfy spot, listen and relax. The great thing about meditation is once you’ve trained your mind to switch off you can do it anywhere!

3. Get Out Into The Open

When you find your mind is racing, your thoughts taking over and that massive headache take over, go for a walk. Get out off of the house or office, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Walking is another natural anxiety remedy. Just by getting out into the open, taking in the fresh air and moving it is a great help for anxiety.

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But how does this relax you? If you work in an office, or spend each day in the class or studying in the library your body isn’t getting rid of much energy. Although your mind may be worn out with thoughts, your body still needs to work off some steam. By going for a walk your allowing your body to get rid of energy which otherwise contributes to you feeling restless. When you come back from your walk the combination of the exercise mixed with a clearer head relaxes you as a whole.

2. Yoga

Yoga has been attributed again and again as a natural relief from anxiety. It’s been linked with relieving stress, anxiety, helping with depression. This is because yoga teaches you to connect your mind with your body and soul, helping you get more in tune with your emotions.

You don’t have to be super flexible or anything to do yoga either. You can follow the basic positions and even do it in the comfort of your own home. You can even use the mat for meditation as well!

1. Start Repeating Affirmations

When you’re in a state of sudden panic or self-doubt repeating affirmations are a fantastic relaxation technique for anxiety as it rebuilds that lose confidence. They are simply short, self-affirming sentences which you repeat to yourself.

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It can seem a bit silly the first time you try this, but push pass that negative mindset and believe what you’re telling yourself. This is magic of affirmations, they’re a small yet powerful natural anxiety remedy.

Seems simple enough right? You deserve to feel good, so give yourself a break and breathe. The sooner you begin trying out these relaxation techniques for anxiety the sooner you’ll feel better. Try them all out and see which one works best for you!