Relaxation Techniques for Sleep, Anxiety and Stress

Relaxation Techniques for Sleep, Anxiety and Stress

In this article you’ll find some stress management techniques like relaxation exercises for a progressive muscle relaxation if you have some tensions and stress problems you hardly bear. Night is the time when all our stress and tensions come out, when we go to bed we always think of problems and their solutions and due to this we slowly become insomniac. And we fall asleep at work place, or become lazy during the day time activities. Sleep disorder is a very common problem today. But this issue can be a cause of worry as this leads to health problems. Drowsiness and fatigue are the two most common symptoms of insomnia as they will make you inactive.

Causes of Sleep Disorder

Some of the common causes of insomnia are anxiety, stress and depression. Some prescription drugs can also interfere with sleep. Apart from this caffeine, alcohol and nicotine also responsible for sleep disorder. Change in environment, poor sleeping habits, work schedule, eating too much late in the evening or sometime medical conditions such as chronic pain, breathing difficulty or frequently urinating might develop insomnia. There is also ‘learned’ insomnia which means that you are trying hard to fall asleep but due to excessive worry you are unable to do.

But the question is how you will be able to fall asleep? Are there any anti-stress or anti-anxiety methods that can help you in sleeping? The answer is yes some tips and tricks can help you in getting rid of your insomnia. These are called sleep relaxation or relaxation techniques for anxiety. These tips not only help in sleeping but they have other advantages too.

3 Quick and Fast Tips for Sleep and Anxiety

Muscle Relaxation Technique

It is something that you can easily do while laying down in bed to sleep, starting with your toes, tense them tight, as tight as you can and hold them for two seconds, then release. Progressively from your toes to all the way through your jaws and eyes move your way up tense and relax each muscles along the way. This will help you feeling sleepy as after doing it you will feel totally relax and will fall asleep soon.

Taking a Warm Bath

One of the easiest relaxation techniques of all that you can try to get some sleep is to taking a warm bath. It is a perfect way to dissolve your tension and stress, and make your body relaxed that will help in preparing your mind to fall asleep. The benefit of warm water bath is that it initially raises the body temperature but later it cools faster that helps you to get sleep. But you must remember not to take a bath just before going to bed as your body may not get enough time to get cool down.

Meditation, Music and Aroma Therapy before Sleeping

Lastly, doing some meditation techniques before bedtime at least for 20 minutes to half an hour can help in bringing the sleep. While music has a soothing effect on our mind, choosing something from your own music collection that has any lyrics and sound range which helps in sleeping works wonder. Aromatherapy is basically the usage of essential oil that will help you in the improvement of your physical and mental well-being.

If this is not enough, you can always try with this yoga cool down. 10 minutes to relax!

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