Romantic Valentine Day Ideas: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Romantic Valentine Day Ideas: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Tomorrow is 14th February and still you don’t have any ideas for Valentines Day. Lots of people share Valentines day cards, other couples have their romantic dinner for two with some romantic background music, and you are always the same. You are the one of the last minutes gift ideas.

Here are some good points that can help you to make your Valentines Day, romantic and unforgettable, even if yours is a couple who doesn’t believe in hearts and honey.

Valentines Day Cards

If you can’t find something that is good for you and your partner, maybe you can make your own Valentines card and write your personal thought. If you’re not a good writer and you work best with video games, concentrate on a private episode, something you shared with your lover, even if it was a pic nic, a journey, a never-ending shopping tour, something you particularly remember. Well now write down your thoughts and tell in your Valentines Day card your feeling. Other option, if you’re good on drawing or painting, or with the computer, you can simply give to your man or woman an illustrated card with a picture of you both, or multiple hearts.

If you need some pictures for your background here a useful link

Romantic Dinner for two

Sharing a delicious dinner with your partner is, for me, a moment of perfection. The tastes, the sweetnesses and the eyes that meet each other are the apotheosis of romance. If you cook your dinner by yourself remember to combine all flavours and choose the right wine (if you drink), but most important, organize the atmosphere by setting the table, choose the colour red or fuchsia, add roses and if you like them and you also want a fashion location, use glitters, too. How about the background music? a collection of the most romantic music is always available somewhere on the internet, I prepare a romantic music playlist in case of a last minute dinner for two.


In this website, too you can download, only for this week, one free mp3 music online for Valentine’s Day. You can give it to your girlfriend or boyfriend or you can listen to it together.


Last Minute Gift Ideas

A flower is always perfect. Valentines Day is the day of red roses, which symbolize love and passion, but it’s also the day where roses are really expensive and in great demand. So if you’re late and can’t find any rose anywhere, well, choose a flower that your lover likes or at least choose daisies. To me they are smiling flowers! Or tulips, they are colourful and elegant.

Chocolate is always a yummy present, but it happens that you partner is on diet, so give him/her just one chocolate, put on a plate, before starting your meal, with a small paper which says “I love you” or “You & me”.

Sexy Lingerie?? Yes? no?… I say, why not?!

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And remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t only the day of the lovers, but it’s also the day of all people who love each other, from your parents, to your kids, from your friends to your collegues… so tomorrow, think of them, too.