Scary Halloween Music Playlist

Scary Halloween Music Playlist

Are you looking for the right horror music to create a scary atmosphere at your Halloween party? Here is the scary Halloween music playlist you need!

Halloween is right around the corner. Will you be going to a party, going out or just hanging at home with some friends? Will you be the one giving a party? If so, here is a halloween music playlist that is sure to make your night more interesting!

Spooky Piano Music

Slow piano songs fit perfectly a scary Halloween music playlist! Here you can listen to a half hour long playlist of spooky ambient music with scary sounds in the background.

Halloween Party Music

Or are you looking for more of a lively soundtrack for your party? This album contains Halloween themed house music!


Halloween Revisited

One of the most loved movie soundtracks… Revisited! If you thought that the music from The Nightmare Before Christmas could not get any better, try listening to the covers created by Marilyn Manson.

You can buy the complete album over here, or listen it on youtube.


Horror Music

Scary sounds and horror music: the perfect combination for a truly spooky Halloween music playlist!


Dark Ambient Music

From the Meditation Relax Club channel itself, here is a twist on the usual New Age music. The low and dark music tones are perfect to spook out your guest creating a magical atmosphere. Use them as halloween party music!

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions for your Halloween party music. Make good use of them!