Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

We have all experienced them, but most of us are not able to recognize them as what they truly are: stressed people can not pinpoint the cause of their troubles. Use this list to help you find out if you are affected by one or many signs and symptoms of stress.

Sweaty palms, increased heartbeat, and panic attacks: these are some of the clear physical signs of stress. Some people however, show their discomfort in less obvious ways than others. To understand if someone is truly under stress, look out for these habits:

Constantly Vent

Venting with a friend is good, but ranting too much is a bad habit and a clear sign of stress. People who rant too much tend to not let go of the issue that bothering them. If negative things are all you talk about, it will be all you think about!

Drink Way Too Much Caffeine

I’m not gonna say that you people should quit coffee altogether – that would be cruel! However, beware, as drinking a cup too much would overstimulate you and cause you to be on edge and anxious.


Stressed people tend to overanalyze everything: conversations, work, actions… A classic sign of stress is spending hours thinking about how a conversation could had gone differently and worrying about its consequences. If this ever happened to you, chances are you are the only one that has noticed any of that. Stay positive!

Overloading Schedules

There is only a certain amount of work you can fit in one day; some people try to fit as much activities as possible in 24 hours, which is more than they can realistically handle. To live a peaceful life void of stress, remember to create bubbles of free time where to unwind and have some healthy fun.

Focus on the Negative Rather than the Positive

Bad days come, but they also go away. Stressed people tend only to remember the negative things, and never contemplate the positive. Seek out the good news, and let go of the bad!

Obsess Over Things that can’t Change

You need to accept the past, and you must not wish to have taken different choices. There is no point in obsessing on that which can not be changed, as it makes us who we are today.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

One of the most obvious signs and symptoms of stress is not being able to sleep. Remove this stress factor by using some peaceful sleep music:

I hope you found this list of signs and symptoms of stress descriptive enough. Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations? Let me know in the comments, and I will try and help you find a way to unwind your stress.