Six Habits That Could Change Your Life

Six Habits That Could Change Your Life

Six Habits That Could Change Your Life

Positive habits generate happinessAnd when we are happy, our brain gets more involved, becomes more creative, motivated, energized, resilient and productive. As a consequence, we enjoy life more!! 

Reactive people focus on what they cannot change. On the opposite side, there are proactive people: those who have clear goals and who focus on the factors that are in their control. Instead of worrying about the crisis, they see ways to retain even more customers and thus continue to thrive despite adversity.

Here, six positive habits that could change your life!

1. Put Yourself First

Set aside time for yourself. Think about your needs, what makes you happy, what you always wanted to learn but always delayed. Dedicate an hour per day to something you enjoy very much, without feeling guilty or thinking you do not deserve it. Enjoy the present and do not worry about the future. Think about everything you have, and be grateful for that. Learn to enjoy the little things. Take a walk outside, read a book, sing that song that you love, take a shower… Breathe and relax while doing so. Think positive and stay away from negative people: they reduce your energy level, hinder your evolution and avoid you from being happy. By introducing these changes, you will feel more alive, happy, with a purpose! Your true self will come out!


2. Move More: Exercise Improves Your Quality of Life

Little but positive habits could help with your mood, movement and pain relief. Practicing daily physical activity is very important to enjoy good health, both physical and mental. In general, it is recommended to perform at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Walking can be a great option. Not only does exercise help you live longer, it improves your quality of life. In addition to making your heart and muscles stronger and fending off a host of diseases, it can also improve your mental and emotional functioning and even bolster your productivity and close relationships. It improves your self-esteem and confidence in yourself, reduces stress and anxiety and, most of all, it improves your overall mood and balances your energy and your well-being.

3. Get Up Early, Take a Cup of Coffee and Make a Healthy Breakfast

Every time you’re in love with your bed (or sofa), you’re missing the opportunity to work on yourself. If you stop to think, you will realize that everything is a matter of attitude, and that sleeping longer than you really need is how you prefer to live your sleeping life, wasting time that could be used to do something useful. Draw a morning routine where you can take care of yourself and develop your mind, body and soul. It is very important to enjoy a good breakfast before starting your activities. Sit down and enjoy your breakfast with your family, and if you are alone prepare everything with much love for yourself, nourish your body from the necessary to have a great yield in the morning and this will help you keep focus and concentration on your activities.

4. Activate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Forget your smartphone, your laptop and the TV in the early hours of the morning. Technology is not the first thing you should use in the morning, it will be much better if you activate your mind, body and soul through meditation, music, a book, journaling or simply reflecting. Your well-being will be grateful!


5. Set Goals and Achieve Them

It is important that you set goals, they may be long, medium or short term, but without a doubt you need to know yourself and know what you want to achieve clearly. It can be as simple as writing some of the tasks you want to accomplish the next day and keeping this or these tasks in mind throughout the day so that you can actually accomplish them.

6. Meditate and… Relax!

Physical exercise is the key to changing your life, but meditation is what will help you succeed in promoting your awakening. It is a way to get to the bottom of your well-being. By being in touch with your inner self, you will choose the appropriate path to make the necessary changes. For beginners, some sessions last 10 to 15 minutes, it’s ideal for your first meditations! There are several meditations with background music with soft instruments like harp or piano, among others. There are also meditations that combine different sounds of nature. Choose what you prefer and find a comfortable place where you do not have interruptions of any kind. To avoid distractions, the ideal is to turn off your smartphone. At first it may be difficult for you to adapt to silence. But if you continue to work on your meditation with patience and determination, it may exceed your expectations. Here is one of the latest videos from our YouTube channel: try listening to it in the background while you meditate!

If what you want is to be connected to your mind, body and soul and enjoy a better day to day, changing your routine with these positive habits will be helpful. Throughout the process, you will become better at meditation and, little by little, you will be able to calm your mind, but you must be patient and constant.

Once you have advanced enough, you will see how these simple actions helped you change your life for the better. Your well-being will tell you better than anyone else.