Six Steps to Follow to Fall Asleep in Two Minutes

Six Steps to Follow to Fall Asleep in Two Minutes

Six Steps to Follow to Fall Asleep in Two Minutes

Teas, hot baths, reading a book: those who have trouble falling asleep, try everything! Many of us toss and turn at night as we struggle in vain to try and get some sleep, but it seems as if there might finally be a solution that could have you nodding off in as little as two minutes.

What none of these people must have thought of is that the solution to the problem could come from the military. Don’t worry: you do not need to join the armed forces… But a military method, developed in the 80’s by the United States Navy Preparatory Flight School, can help anyone get to sleep in just 120 seconds – under whatever condition, time of day or substance you consume. This technique involves a combination of relaxing your muscles, breathing techniques and visualization.

Do you want to test and see if this method fulfills what it promises? Take a look at the step by step down here. According to United States Navy Preparatory Flight School, it takes six weeks of training and adaptation. After that, the technique would be 96% effective – even if the person is under the effect of a stimulant such as caffeine.

Are you going to bet? So let’s go there! For those who have trouble falling asleep, it sounds too good to be true… and there’s only one way to check if it works: follow these six steps!

1 – Find the best possible position

The first thing is to sit on the edge of the bed. The only light that can be lit is that of the bedside table and your smartphone should be silent.

2 – Relax all the muscles of your face

It is essential that your forehead (or any part of your face) is not wrinkled. Take a deep breath, and feel your cheek, jaw and tongue relax. Then you have to do some exercises to relax the facial muscles: imitating a smile, you will stretch it as much as you can and then relax it, returning to the starting position.


3 – Rest your body

Relaxing the face and eyeballs works as a signal to the brain that it is time to rest. Little by little, go relaxing your body parts from top to bottom: neck, shoulders, arms and legs. When you feel as if your face has emptied, your shoulders and arms are relaxed, you are ready for the next step.

4 – Breathe deeply

Now, begin to inhale and exhale slowly, feeling all the muscles of your body relax. Give priority to those you master (if you’re right-handed, for example, focus on your right forearm). If you find that they are not totally relaxed, contract them and repeat the process. You begin by relaxing all the muscles of your legs in the same way as the arms, until you collapse completely.


5 – Do not think!

Perhaps the most difficult part of the whole process is the machine gun of thoughts that does not turn off. Those who suffer from this, however, know that it is important not to think of anything to accelerate the process of falling asleep. There is a trick taught by the navy that would help deal with it. For ten seconds, when you are relaxed, remind yourself that you are in a dark and comfortable place. If it does not work, repeat incessantly the phrase “Do not think, do not think, do not think”. Concentrating your whole mind on this silly phrase can reduce the chances of your brain wandering and end up focusing on the problems of the next day – or worse: start counting how many hours separate you from the ring of your alarm clock.

6 – Imagine

The last step is to imagine ourselves in one of these two situations: the first is to lie in a canoe on a lake and look at the blue of the sky. The second is to imagine ourselves in a slowly swinging network.

We’re done here. By now, you should be long asleep if you followed these instructions by the letter. I hope these can be of great help the next time you are having trouble falling asleep at night. Don’t forget to save this article, and to check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog for more wonderful tips for a healthy lifestyle!