Sleep Deprivation Effect: What Truly Happens When You Don’t Sleep Enough

Sleep Deprivation Effect: What Truly Happens When You Don’t Sleep Enough

Sleep Deprivation Effect: What Truly Happens When You Don’t Sleep Enough

Not getting enough sleep can significantly affect your performance and health in many ways you would not have imagined. Read this article to find out all about them!

We all know about the most common lack of sleep symptoms and sleep deprivation effects: you feel groggy, grumpy and tired. What you don’t know is what it can do to your immune system, to your ability to lose weight and even to your sex life. Read on to find out all about it in this article!

Health Problems

Long term sleep deprivation effects include an arrange of health problems. These include a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. When you don’t sleep enough, you are posing a threat to your overall cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of restricting blood flow to the brain.

High Anxiety

Lack of sleep amplifies your brain’s ability to anticipate reactions and events, leading to a raised state of constant anxiety. In turn, this could lead to depression in the long run. This is also due to the decreased neurotransmitters which regulate mood.


Sex Drive

Lack of sleep symptoms are often reported to lower libido and interest in sex. This is largely to blame on depleted energy levels and high tension, which does not come to much of a surprise. However, beware that you could be hitting a sexual slump if you go one too many nights sleepless.


Sleep loss is a huge safety hazard if you are putting yourself on the road and driving while rest deprived. You’re not only a risk for yourself, but for others as well. Many accidents and injuries due to poor quality of sleep also happen on the job, so watch out for that!

Weight Gain and Bad Skin

Finally, you will look tired because you are tired. After too many sleepless days, your body will gradually lose its ability to produce collagen. You might also experience an increase in hunger and appetite, which could lead to obesity.


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