Sleep Meditation – The All Natural Sleeping Aid

Sleep Meditation – The All Natural Sleeping Aid

Wouldn’t it be nice if every night we went to bed and didn’t re-evaluate our lives, go through memories or didn’t have that song stuck in our head while trying to fall asleep? Maybe you live on the loudest street, or have anxiety over a problem (or 99 problems) and you just can’t sleep. 

I think so. I would love to go to bed and actually fall asleep. But for some reason my brain decides it’s time to start writing a novel or re-organize my bedroom.

I’m a firm believer in trying to do something through naturally remedies before I take any prescribed medicine. I looked for a solution, and alas I found one, sleep meditation. With sleep meditation I found myself falling asleep within 15 minutes of getting into bed instead of an hour or two.

Like getting into any kind of meditation it’s hard to begin with. My mind was so used to taking that time before falling asleep to run around and kick up thoughts and memories.

But once I got into it, I would consider it the best way to fall asleep. My mind was trained to hear the music and take it as a note to go to sleep. But also I was sleeping much deeper, waking up to feel more rested.

I’d like to share with you my method of sleep meditation and the different kinds of sleep meditation music so you cannot only fall asleep faster, but feel more rested when you wake up!

Preparing your mind, body and soul for rest

At the end of the working day i’m generally so tired and so ready for bed. However I cannot fall asleep. Now, I prepare for my mind, body and soul for rest. I ensure my space is tidy, which allows my mind to be clear. I don’t engage with any screens 2 hours before I sleep (apart from my phone), I say my evening mantras to wind down the day, turn on minimal music and I read a good book.

When the times comes, I turn off the light and turn on sleep meditation music and I begin my breathing and muscle relaxation exercises.

Listening to sleep meditation music

I love using sleep meditation music as a sleeping aid! From the first moment I press play I can feel myself drifting off into a peaceful, deep sleep. I can feel the crisp clean feeling of my duvet and a huge sense of cosiness in my bed.

Or natural sounds

Listening to natural sounds can sometimes be the best was to fall asleep. I think everyone has a place in their imagination where they find extremely peaceful. For me it’s forest rain, for others it’s waves crashing.

Sleeping aid tip: during the summer months when you feel like you’re being roasted turn on rain sounds. I did this throughout the last summer and found it actually tricked my mind into thinking it was raining, and therefore much cooler. Making it easier for to fall asleep.

Guided sleep meditation

Perfect for beginners. Even if you meditate regularly I would highly recommend trying guided meditation at least once. It helps ease your mind into the sleeping cycle. But it also gives you a boost of positivity before you fall asleep!

Remember like any other kind of meditation, sleep meditation takes practise. But once you get the hang of it you’ll find yourself sleeping better and having more energy during the day!

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