Sleep Myths: Facts About Natural Sleep

Sleep Myths: Facts About Natural Sleep

There are many misconceptions regarding our sleeping pattern and the way sleep affects us. Here is a list of sleep myths that were proven to be false!

Sleep is something every human being has in common with each other. As it is extremely important for us, it is not strange for misconceptions to arise on how it works and how our body reacts to it. Many a tales exist on what happens during natural sleep. Today, we may amaze you by debunking several sleep myths which you may have believed to be true! Here we go:

You Swallow 8 Spiders per Year While Sleeping

This may be one of the most disgusting (but most known) sleep myths. Well, from now on you can sleep in peace, as it has been debunked. Spiders avoid predators like humans and are very unlikely to be near you, much less enter your mouth willingly.

Older People Need Less Sleep

Many believe this one to be true, as they have older relatives that may sleep less hours at night than they do. Truth is that older people need as much rest as any average adult, but often can not obtain it due to aches and pains.

In conclusion, this is a false sleep myths. Many of the elderly are not getting the natural sleep they need.

Eating Cheese Gives You Nightmares

This was born when Ebenezer Scrooge blamed his visions of ghost on the cheese he ate before bedtime in A Christmas Carol. There has been no evidence to suggest that cheese actually causes nightmares.

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We Have A Body Clock

This one is actually true! Your body has a biological clock that regulates itself depending on the time of day, releasing specific hormones depending on it.

Something similar is also found in animals and plants.

You Can Make Up Your Lack of Sleep During the Weekend

Sometimes, we do not get as much natural sleep as our body would need. In those cases, we go in sleep debt. If someone tells you you can catch it up during the weekend, do not believe them, as it cannot replicate the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Hope you found this list of facts about sleep useful! Most of the sleep myths we talked about today were proven wrong; use this knowledge to your advantage.