Sleeping baby in Wonderland

Sleeping baby in Wonderland

Queenie Liao, the mother that turns her baby sleep into a sleep baby adventure. 

During your baby sleep, dreams can be a world of fairy tales and fantastic places. But think about recreating these worlds, where your baby is the protagonist during his sleep. This is the idea of Queenie Liao, who decided to imagine the extraordinary world of her baby dreams, using sheets, puppies, and all the staff she could find at home.

The result is the story of this sleeping baby who visited different places of his imagination, all created and captured by his mother Queenie, inspired by the artist Adele Enersen, who pictured her sleeping daughter’s dreams.

Wengenn, this is the name of her son, will show off a collection of more than 100 colourful photos in an albu called “Wengenn in Wonderland”.

I began to experiment with similar ideas when Wengenn was three months old.” She said, “I grew up indulging myself in fairy tales. Those fairy tales from my childhood gave me a multitude of ideas to try out”.

Which worlds did Wengenn visit during his sleep?

Well, there are gardens with giant flowers, a creepy house haunted by Wengenn himself, wearing a ghost mask; once he’s Tarzan in the forest, and the next time he’s a famous journalist, interviewing the US President Obama. But it’s not over, you can see the little boy while he’s painting a beautiful landscape and after that it’s time for a romantic dinner with… his teddy.

Finally my favourite one, the photo that represents his wonderland: Wengenn is reaching the moon with a ladder on a cloud to bring the shining stars up in the blue sky. Adorable!

I’m posting the link of the “Wengenn in Wonderland” Facebook page, so you can see more pictures of Queenie Liao’s work on her child

What do you think? She’s amazing!