Spa Bathroom: How to Have Your Very Own Spa Day at Home

Spa Bathroom: How to Have Your Very Own Spa Day at Home

A long day at work, and the weekend is just around the corner. I’m about to have one of the most relaxing experiences there can be, and I have planned it for a long time: here is how to set up the perfect spa bath and have a special spa day at home.

Having a spa bath is possible, and making one is much easier and cheaper than you would ever think. Below here is a list of very simple things you can do to add that special spa atmosphere to YOUR bathroom!

Remove all Labels

When I think of Spas, I think of white, simple and clean. There is nothing in excess, and this makes the atmosphere tidy and peaceful. How can you achieve that if all of your bottles are mismatched and fully labeled?
For your spa bathroom, you should remove all β€œvisual noise” from the surroundings. Peel your bottles by soaking them in hot water, and transfer the contents of the most colorful ones into clear containers.

Add a Special Fragrance

By just adding a simple candle to your spa at home experience you will add two things: first of all, atmosphere. Second, fragrance. You might be amazed to how easy making your bath smell like a spa could be. If you want to spend less, stock up on small tea-light candles by buying a whole lot of them!

Add White

Fluffy, clean, white towels. Spas are full of them! Surround yourself in high stacks of them during your spa day at home, and it really will feel as if you were at a hotel Spa.

The Right Music

I can’t say it enough; when organizing a home spa, atmosphere is key. We have the fragrance, we have the clean look, so what are we missing? But music of course! Here is a long playlist of spa songs you can play during you home spa experience.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to have the perfect spa day at home. Follow them, and you are sure to recharge all the energy you consumed during the week!