Stress and Anxiety: The Truth About Physical Signs of Stress

Stress and Anxiety: The Truth About Physical Signs of Stress

In modern societies, some of the most common conditions that effect your average Joe are stress and anxiety. But what are the most visible signs of stress?

We go through a lot during our daily routine: work, family, social interactions… Too much for us to handle. Most of the complaints that people make when visiting their primary care physician is somehow related the effects of stress and anxiety, and this does not amaze me.

This style of life can make you perceive physical signs of stress as more powerful. Use the following list to try and understand if you are being affected by it.

Muscle Pains

Your muscles contract and become tense when you are nervous. As a result, the ache that you sometimes perceive behind your neck might be one of many stress signs.

Heart Disease

One of the physical signs of stress is the increase of blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and speed up heart rate. When you get older, you are more at risk of contracting these symptoms.

Belly Blows

Stress takes your belly as well! It can affect the secretion of acid in your stomach and can cause constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and weight loss or gain.

Low Libido

Stress and anxiety can also effect your sex life, affecting your performance and lowering your libido. Ironically, one of the best ways of curing stress is also sex!

And finally, remember that stress can also be good for you! Not all stress is bad, as it forces you to work harder to obtain what you want; without it, you probably would not give 100% in every situation.

However, for now lets concentrate on relieving the effects of stress. Listen to this calming music from our youtube channel and relax: