The 5 Best Classical Music Playlists For Work & Study

The 5 Best Classical Music Playlists For Work & Study

The 5 Best Classical Music Playlists For Work & Study

Classical music is not only beautiful, it is also the perfect study and work aid for when you are having difficulty focusing on what you are doing. It can be both motivating and relaxing, and energising and calming all at once so if you are the type of person who is easily stressed out and anxious when there is a lot on your plate, this is the music genre for you.

We’ve compiled our top 5 classical playlists for you to enjoy when you are working hard, take a look below to see which ones made the cut!

No. 5 Classical Piano Music For Studying

At number 5, it’s our exam study concentration playlist. Packed with wonderfully soothing and melodic piano tracks, this playlist will get you through even the toughest study sessions with ease. For best results, try saving it for when your motivation is really starting to wane, then when you do listen to the music you’ll know it’s time to kick into a higher gear.

No 4. Musica Clasica Instrumental (Classical Instrumental Music)

Number 4 on our list is our Musica Clasica playlist, filled with over 3 hours of classical music to get you through your work day. This playlist contains lots of recognisable classical music including music by Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake‘.

No. 3 Piano Music Meditation

This playlist contains 40 minutes of instrumental piano, combining new age and classical styles that inspire romance, love, and of course relaxation – making it ideal ambient background music.

No. 2 Classical Music To Help You Study

Featuring a plethora of peaceful piano tracks and music by Mozart, this playlist is a great accompaniment to any intensive study or work session. If you are an artist, this music is also great to listen to as it helps the brain to think creatively.

No. 1 Classical Relaxation Music

And finally at number one, we have Classical Relaxation Music on Spotify. From the cello to the piano you will find everything you need in this playlist to keep you motivated and help you to concentrate.

Those were our 5 picks from our classical music playlists. If you love classical music as much as we do hopefully this will come in useful. Time to get down to work!