The Fastest Ways to Fall Asleep

The Fastest Ways to Fall Asleep

We all have to sleep; as humans, sleeping is a basic need that our body craves in order to recharge itself. Some, however, have more trouble than others when it comes to falling asleep quickly…

Scientists say more and more that getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night is essential if you want your brain to act at 100% of its capacity. Some people do, however, find setting in a precise sleeping pattern very difficult. For some of us, falling asleep within a couple of minutes of hitting the hay sounds impossible, as they turn for hours thinking about why they should be long gone in dreamland – but no, they are still in bed staring at the clock. So here is a list of the fastest ways to fall asleep; try them out for yourself!

Squeeze, then Relax

This is a technique that involves squeezing and tensing your muscles and releasing them gradually. Start with your feet, and move across your body from the bottom to the top. Be gentle, and do not tense too hard while doing this.

Rock Yourself to Sleep

Remember when you were a baby and your mother used to rock you to sleep? You probably don’t, as I said you were only a baby. Your subconscious, however, remembers, and it find the slow pace movement very relaxing. While laying in bed the next time you can’t fall asleep, try rocking side to side.

Breathe Through Your Left Nostril

A technique that originates from yoga; it is thought to reduce blood pressure and can calm you. Lay on your left side, and gently rest a finger on your right nostril and press.

Pressure Points

All through our bodies there are pressure points that help you fall asleep faster when touched in the right way. For example, right between your eyes on the hedge of your nose; try applying a light pressure to that area for a couple of times in order to relax before sleeping.

Deep Sleep Music

Try playing some deep sleep music by going to our channel. Here is some of the best:

I hope you will find these fastest ways to fall asleep useful in the future. Let me know if they worked out for you!