The Natural Healing Powers Of Crystals: Alternative Therapy

The Natural Healing Powers Of Crystals: Alternative Therapy

The Natural Healing Powers Of Crystals: Alternative Therapy

Crystal healing has been used throughout history as a pseudoscientific alternative medicine. The method uses natural stones and crystals from the earth to evoke various healing powers and energies. During Reiki, stones are placed at different points of the body for the purpose of spiritual healing. Whilst science has yet to determine any concrete evidence on the benefits of crystal healing, the beauty and mystique of these stones is unmistakeable. Here are some examples of healing stones and a description of the power that is thought to lie within.

Amethyst – Spirituality & Intuition A vibrant purple colored stone, Amethyst is used to facilitate meditation, calming and tranquility. It is used to aid insomnia, reduce stress, ease headaches and strengthen the immune system. Useful in spiritual healing and awakening the third eye.


Labradorite – Spiritual Connection This beautiful stone is used for protection, stimulating intuition and raising one’s conscious awareness. It is a stone of reflection and transformation. Its healing properties include lowering blood pressure, assisting with eye and brain disorders and reducing stress and anxiety. Labradorite also has an emotional healing energy that calms an overactive mind.


Rose Quartz – Love & Peace This soft pink crystal symbolizes love, compassion and forgiveness. It was admired throughout the ages for its beauty, used by the ancient Egyptians in facial masks that were thought to prevent wrinkles. It’s natural healing powers include relieving stress and tension, assisting with the heart and circulatory system, stabilizing an irregular heart beat and supporting the female reproductive system.

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Jade – Emotional Balancer Jade stones bring peace and purity into your life. It is a dream stone, useful in releasing negative thoughts and soothing you to sleep. It cleanses and filters toxins from the blood, assists in fertility and childbirth and helps to strengthen the immune system.


Smokey Quartz – Clears Blocked Energy With hues of grey, black and brown this aptly named crystal is known for its positive and uplifting properties. It brings good luck and prosperity and is excellent for elevating moods and enhancing inner strength. As a form of alternative therapy, smokey quartz is thought to remove toxins from the body and the adrenal glands, relieve fluid retention and treat many problems related to the lower torso such as kidneys, reproductive organs and pancreas.


Aquamarine – Clarity & Purification Derived from the Latin for seawater, Aquamarine is a stone of the sea believed to be a treasure of mermaids and used by sailors for good luck and protection. This stone is purifying and clarifying, excellent for use in meditation and spiritual healing because of it’s tranquil, calming properties. It calms the nerves, supports the healing of inflammatory illnesses and is soothing to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.