The Negative Effects of Too Much Sugar on Your Brain

The Negative Effects of Too Much Sugar on Your Brain

The ways sugar affects your brain; unfortunately, they range from memory damage to depression. Read on and find more about them.

We know much too well about the effects of sugar on the body, and how easily it can influence your weight. Our heart suffers when we overeat and binge on sugary treats; but did you know that these can also influence your brain? They do, both in a physical (cognitive functions) and psychological way (our mood and general feeling of wellbeing).

Even though there is no need to break a sweat and worry about a small pastry once in a while, some of us truly do overeat when it comes to sugar. Sweeteners are contained in almost a third of processed foods we found in the shelves of our local supermarket – they cost very little, and they taste great, so why should we avoid eating them? Here are three good reasons why you should eat as little processed sugars as possible, and choose a healthy diet instead.

It Affects Your Memory

A study lead in 2012 has shown that the effects of too much sugar on your body include a slower brain and a weaker memory. Rats that consumed heavy doses of fructose had a slower brain activity and damaged synapsis; the communication between their neurons was difficult and slower. Too much sugar meant that the rats became more resistant to the effect of insulin, a chemical that controls the levels of sugar in the bloodstream, that also helps strengthen the connections between your brain cells.

Overdosing for a longer period of time thus damages both your body and your brain.

It Can Lead to Depression

The effects of sugar are not only physical, as there are psychological ones as well. Sugar highs and lows can make your mood swing around very quickly. When you eat a doughnut or drink a cup of your favorite fizzy treat you experience a very high level of sugar in your blood, which can make you hyperactive and euphoric. As soon as that sugar is rapidly burned, you are left with a feeling of depression and emptiness, and a craving for more.

In the long term, this can lead us to becoming lunatic, depressed and anxious.

It Makes Your Brain Age Faster

A series of researches has suggested that the effects of too much sugar on your body include a slower brain that gets older faster. It has been proven time and time again that this is the organ that is most badly affected by an unhealthy diet – and we can’t do much about it until it is too late. So, make a change now if you feel like you are eating too much sugar and too much processed foods. Always check the food labels, and take care to notice if there is glucose or refined sugars contained inside. Do not take sugar effects on your body too lightly!